Choices - How are you choosing to use your gift?

We make choices everyday. One choice we make is how and with whom we are going to create positive impact. This choice I believe we want to have the greatest amount of impact combined with influence and inspiration. What we do for others has a direct impact on how we feel about ourselves.

To make choices that have this level of purpose and meaningfulness, first we need to be aware of the choices we make and that we have far more control over choices and what happens in our lives. Second, we need to become more aware of the beliefs and attitudes behind these choices as they shape our feelings and thoughts. I heard my good friend Steve Miller of Implicit Solutions refer to this as the story we tell ourselves. When we make choices driven from our "essence" of who we are, the REAL us, and not a role or identity we create, we feel congruency and that is when the three Is kick in (Influence, Impact, and Inspiration).  The opposite is true as well. When we make choices based on who we think people want us to be or play into a role or story we created that is not connected to who we really are to our core then we feel dis-Content. We are disconnected and no contentment in those choices...we may even feel like a sell out.

Joseph Campbell talks of "The Hero's Journey" and that we all have a contribution to make to this world and I believe that is our "essence."  Indigenous people use to go on vision quests to find theirs. Many go on spiritual journeys or quests. Whatever you do it is important to get connected to this and have it as the core filter for prioritizing in your life to make the right choices and decisions that will make you feel best and create maximum positive impact. I do know that a big part of it for me was realizing when connected to my essence and purpose, as much as it is mine and what I feel "called to do", it is bigger than me and it is about my gift to the world - my contribution. A contribution is a gift. How are you choosing to use your gift?

Maybe you are unsure on what that gift is and there are many ways to help connect to that.  Here at Grandesco College we can certainly help with that. Realize we all have a contribution to make and that contribution impacts others and ultimately makes us feel better about ourselves.

Choose to have a great day and live your life on purpose and with purpose.

With gratitude,

Corey Sigvaldason


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