A New Measure of ROI

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

I heard a great insight today from my new friend, and premier motivational speaker and leader in the self-help and coaching industry, Shannon Graham in Santa Barabara, CA.  He talks of no longer selling just his knowledge but instead using his 'gift' (in his case his creativity) to help clients answer questions where the answer does not exist. This shifted his level of value higher in his clients lives as well as his own. He encourages people to do the type of work which you enjoy and what you truly desire. Two benefits to this: 1. You add more value to your clients.; 2. You add more value to yourself as you continue to grow and create impact.

Too many leaders reach a value of development that they feel is good enough, and that might be even higher than they ever dreamed to begin with.  However, I say you want to think of those you serve first and the contribution you have for the world -your calling. Focusing on your calling pulls us into "Higher Order Performance" and living into our essence (from Steve Miller of Implicit Solutions and his Implicit Career Search). Joseph Campbell calls this “the hero's journey.” We have so much more potential than our minds can ever imagine. Science has proven this and great thought leaders throughout history dating back thousands of years speak of this. It takes tapping into things at a higher order level, an unconscious level and some may say even a spiritual level of our being, to bring a conscious awareness to "what if" possibilities. Shannon's encouragement is to live forward into what you want. Get super clear on what that is and then, as Nike puts it, just do it!  The golden nugget he leaves people with in his Facebook video was the affect of that is that not only does it helps clients along with yourself, but it creates a tremendous ROI - RIPPLE OF IMPACT. Ultimately, this ROI creates something that is exponentially better than anything you are currently doing.

Brian Johnson from Optimize talks of Areté.  Guys like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle said that if you want happiness you better live with Areté—a word that literally means virtue or excellence but has a deeper meaning, something closer to “living at your highest potential moment to moment to moment.”

Simon Sinek says "A boss tells people what they can do to achieve a goal. A leader asks people what they can do to advance a vision."  Linking this with ROI I will put it this way: "A boss tells people what they can do to achieve a goal focused on financial ROI - Return on Investment." This is the standard model of performance that creates incremental performance improvements. However, "A leader asks people what they can do to advance a vision and focuses on ROI - Ripple of Impact." This creates purpose and meaningfulness for all and leads to greater significance for all stakeholders. It is both inward and outward focused. This is team building and changing the world type of impact. Like a small drop of water in the ocean changes the make up of the entire ocean forever, so too does your ROI – Ripple of Impact. Go forward and create the impact you are meant and built for!

At Grandesco College we have several programs that help people tap into their potential and create exponential growth possibilities and meaning in lives that gives HUGE ROI - Ripple of Impact! We look forward to hearing from you.

With gratitude,
Corey Sigvaldason


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